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Luxury houses with swimming pool construction in Dehradun 2024

Doon Luxury Homes is the best house construction contractor in Dehradun and has built the most luxurious houses and villas in Dehradun that has some incredible places like:
  • indoor swimming pools
  • terrace swimming pools
  • terrace gardens
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Doon Luxury Homes stands as the premier house construction contractor in Dehradun, crafting the most opulent residences and villas. Our offerings include extraordinary features such as indoor and terrace swimming pools, along with meticulously designed terrace gardens.

Established in 2017, Doon Luxury Homes continues to excel as one of Dehradun's leading construction companies, specializing in both commercial and residential projects across Uttarakhand. Our expertise spans home construction, luxury house development, farmhouse construction, and more.

We take pride in fulfilling your aspirations for an independent, luxurious home. With a focus on architectural excellence, our team of builders tailors every detail to match your vision. Our portfolio showcases splendid residential projects adorned with exquisite terrace and indoor swimming pools, setting a benchmark for sophistication in Uttarakhand.

The satisfaction of our clients who have explored homes for sale in Dehradun or engaged in home construction with us speaks volumes about our commitment to excellence. Our repertoire boasts some of the most desirable villas in Dehradun, satisfying clients who entrusted us to construct their dream luxury homes.

Read the full article to understand us better and know almost everything about our services and home construction in Dehradun.
If you want to get build your Spanish and Italian-styled luxurious villa or house in Dehradun, you can contact us at +91 7452052052.

Our house construction cost/rates in Dehradun:

Our Services and Rates in Dehradun:

Un-Furnished House: Rs1600 per sq. ft. - inclusive of terrace/indoor swimming pool, garden, lights, and fans.

Semi-Furnished House: Rs1750 per sq. ft. - includes lighting, fans, curtains, kitchen cupboards, and bedroom wardrobes, along with the aforementioned amenities.

Fully-Furnished House: Rs2000 per sq. ft. - comprising furniture for the entire house in addition to the services offered in semi-furnished homes.

house for sale in dehradun

You will get a house map/plans according to Vaastu shastra for free) and a 3D house architectural drawing (a small extra fee) when you give the contract to Doon Luxury Homes.

  • House maps: We have hundreds of award-winning house plans and we will provide you with some of the best from them according to your plot size, plot direction, and Vaastu Shastra.
  • 3D architectural drawing: We have 3D animated architectural plans of Spanish and Western Villas that also fits nicely in 100/150/200/250 sq. yards of plots.

We also construct houses on a 20% margin pay

house for sale in dehradun

For example, if you want to construct a house of your own choice, which is worth 40 lakhs, but you do not have enough 40 lakhs to build it, so you can start building a house of your choice by paying 205 margin money and later you can make the whole payment by taking a loan on it.
With this, the house of your choice will be made nicely without getting any problems.
Upon contracting with Doon Luxury Homes, clients receive complimentary Vaastu Shastra-based house plans. Additionally, for a nominal fee, we offer detailed 3D architectural drawings of Spanish and Western Villa designs tailored to plot sizes and orientations.

We facilitate house construction with a 20% margin payment, allowing clients to commence their dream project before final payment, enabling a seamless building process.

Why Doon Luxury Homes for construction in Dehradun?

  • We construct the finest homes in Dehradun with the best exteriors and interiors of Spanish Villas look.
  • We have prime locations of plots near universities, schools, markets, hospitals, and malls.
  • All facilities, like electricity and water supply, etc., are available at prime locations.
  • If you want to make an income source by renting a house or hostel, then you can get the best property from Doon Luxury Homes.
  • Our commitment to constructing unparalleled homes reflects in our Spanish Villa-inspired exteriors and meticulously designed interiors. With prime plots located near educational institutions, markets, hospitals, and other essential facilities, we ensure convenience and accessibility for our properties.

Our Living Rooms:

house construction in dehradun

The Living room is the first place in the house that gains attention and must look beautiful. We design beautiful living rooms using the best combinations of colours, tiles, lights, wallpapers, furniture, home decor, and TV wall mounts.

What we design in living rooms

  • We have installed wallpapers on the ceilings and walls of the living room of the client's choice which looks very amazing.
  • We have made some walls in the living room using the best combinations of tiles and granite which were demanded by our client.
  • We have installed the best chandelier lights and fans in the living room.

Our Modular Kitchens:

house construction in dehradun

The kitchen is the heart of the house that must look amazing. We make modern, luxurious, modular, and open kitchens with dining places.
We use some modern things like sliding curtains and a dining area in the open kitchen that creates some differences between others and our kitchen.

Our Luxury Bathrooms:

house for sale in dehradun

We make the most luxurious washrooms by choosing the best combinations of tiles and granite and doing the best lighting.
We install stylish washroom essentials like bathroom cabinets, racks, shelves mirrors, toilet-seat, showers, wash basins, and wallpapers.
We also make classic closets in our bathroom.

Our Luxury Bedrooms:

house construction in dehradun

Bedrooms are a place where we spend a lot of time. We need to think about everything from beds, night tables, bedside lamps, TV background walls, etc.
Also, we think of the vibe that you want to have in your bedroom design.
You will get a vibe bedroom that will have something amazing like wall lamps, wallpaper, special TV wall background, and many more fantastic things.

Our Small Italian Balconies:

house construction in dehradun

We design the house map in such a way that everything in it can be made flawless.
As in the image above, the balconies of both rooms have been made perfect in the Italian style by Doon Luxury Homes.

Exterior and Interior:

house construction in dehradunhouse for sale in dehradun

We specially focus on the exterior and interior of the house because it is the main one that makes a house beautiful or simple.
We design flawless interiors and exteriors by choosing fantastic paints, tiles, granites, and wallpapers and by making beautiful false ceilings.
As in the image above, we make the best designs on the outer walls.

Swimming Pools:

house for sale in dehradun

We build fantastic and playful swimming pools on the terrace and inside the house.
  • Terrace Swimming Pool: We built a small swimming pool on the terrace on the terrace which is wonderful for do fun with family, friends, or kids on weekends if you do not want to go outside. We have installed downlights in the swimming pool which give the best playful vibes at night. Also, we have put a shower in the swimming pool which feels amazing at night.
  • Indoor Swimming Pool: If you do not want to enjoy it is open then you can get a swimming pool inside the house which will be a little bigger than that of the terrace swimming pool. You can enjoy yourself with your kids and family during the summer holidays every day without going outside and spending much. A swimming pool inside the house gives a very royal and luxurious feel because it is not common in all houses.


house for sale in dehradun

We will design a perfect garden according to your home.
If you are a nature lover then you can get a beautiful garden inside the house from us such as a terrace garden backyard garden or indoor garden.
With this, your house will be glorified and there will be a greeny happy atmosphere in your house.

Even after reading this article, you must have got some idea about how we work.
We build Spanish and Italian-styled luxurious villas and houses in Dehradun with terraces and indoor swimming pools and beautiful gardens.

If you want to get build your Spanish and Italian-styled luxurious villa or house in Dehradun, you can contact us at +91 7452052052.

Doon luxury homes,
Bhagirathi enclave phase 1,
Selaqui, Dehradun,
Uttarakhand, INDIA 248197

Why Doon Luxury Homes for development in Dehradun?
  • We develop the best homes in Dehradun with the best outsides and insides of Spanish Manors look.
  • We have ideal places of plots close to colleges, schools, markets, emergency clinics, and shopping centers.
  • All offices, similar to power and water supply, and so forth, are accessible at ideal places.
  • To make a pay source by leasing a house or inn, then, at that point, you can get the best property from Doon Extravagance Homes.

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